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Waddamana from Tasmania,Australia
Waddamana from Tasmania,Australia
Waddamana from Tasmania,Australia
Waddamana from Tasmania,Australia
Nickname: Waddamana
Relationship:Open relationship
Hair color:Brunette
Eye color:Brown
Height:180 cm


Myself and my girlfriend want to play,. She lives in Byron. I’m turned on by her being wild with her sexuality and vice versa. She wants me to have a lover, to share the details with her, to play. I want her to have a female lover, to share all of the details with me. We celebrate each other’s sexuality and are looking for wild women, who actively want to explore, to play, to be pleased, to please. She loves my cock and wants to share it, why not, its a gorgeous thing, large and sexy, one must own their assets wink 😉 Life's short, sexuality is a delight when done well, with play, touch, depth, wildness. She comes and goes from here, sometimes its just me, sometimes together. We’re wild, unashamed and full of life. I love to flirt, to tease, to play... I’m bold because i know my purpose, i know who i am, where I’m going and exactly what I want. I’m a leader of men, I’m richly experienced and I’m wild. Heres what i want. I want to play, to explore a woman’s whos actively yearns to surrender, to be touched,.devoured, ravished. I want a lover with heart, who loves her sexuality, whats to explore, to lead, to be lead.. I want a lover whos happy to cry out, to grieve, to scream, to let go. I want to give deeply, to please, all parts of a woman, the full body, the being. I want a woman who wants depth of sensuality, to be slowwwwwww, to allow touch, to be like a fine instrument, to be played like my guitar, naturally coming to crescendo. And a thousand more things. Find me on messenger at Darvis walker as I don’t use the chat feature for some reason it wont take my card number on the site so i wont be able to answer you.

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Female, Muscular, Fit, Slender, 18-25, 26-35, 36-54


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